The races start from 7.00pm for Youth categories and 7.30pm for all Senior races. Distances and details are shown below with the proviso that Senior races may be shortened due to poor light/weather.


There will be teas, coffees, light drinks and snacks available to purchase from the small cafe shop located by the track entrance (as you come onto the circuit).

Youth Races - 7.00pm

U8 — 5 laps of pit lane, approx 5km

U10 & U12 together – 10 laps of pit lane, approx 10km (When numbers dictate U12’s can ride 3 laps of main circuit (for safety reasons on the pit lane restrictions to field size apply with U10’s & U12’s racing concurrently). A Cycling commissaire to follow on bike. Approx 10km

U14 & U16 together — 5 laps of the main circuit, approx 15km Where the light evenings allow U16 may ride 6 laps.

Entry fee £5.00 per race - via the BC online entry website and if there are spaces left entries can be taken on the day.

Cash prizes to be given out on the night for Youth events

Youth Categories Licences, which shall be valid for all disciplines, shall be issued as follows:

  • Youth E - Under 8 — Until 31 December in year of 8th birthday
  • Youth D - Under 10 — From 1 January in year of 9th Birthday until 31 December in year of 10th birthday
  • Youth C - Under 12 — From 1 January in year of 11th Birthday until 31 December in year of 12th birthday
  • Youth B - Under 14 — From 1 January in year of 13th Birthday until 31 December in year of 14th birthday
  • Youth A - Under 16 — From 1 January in year of 15th Birthday until 31 December in year of 16th birthday

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Senior Races - 7.30pm

Regional C+ Race E/1/2 – 1 hour + 3 laps (56km / 35m)

Regional C+ Race 3/4 – 50 minutes + 3 laps (51km / 32m)

Entry fee: £15.00 per race - via the BC online entry website and if there are spaces left entries can be taken on the day.

Races will be started with the 3/4 going first, followed three minutes later by the E/1/2 cats. The onus shall remain with the group being overtaken to stay over to the side of the track, follow Commissaires car and drop back. Anyone using the overtaking group to gain an advantage be that a 3rd or 4th cat rider taking advantage as the E/1/2 group overtakes or indeed an E/1/2 doing the same if the 3/4 group overtake the E/1/2 group will be warned to drop back to their respective race. Continued infringement will ultimately lead to disqualification from the event. If one race overtakes the other and then subsequently slows down the re-overtaking should take place on the opposite side of the track where possible.

Junior — To any male or female junior member of the Federation.

A member who has not reached his 18th birthday may not compete without having provided the consent of their parent or guardian in the form as prescribed from time to time by the Board.

£3 per point awarded to the top 20th overall in each group at the end of the series.

Please wear your number on your left hip. If your number can not be seen then the judges can not award you your race position.

Please come back to the judges if you believe that you gained a position but at the same time respect the judges and wait until they have deliberated on the result themselves. We usually have a photo to back up the results and appreciate your involvement identifying riders accordingly in a polite and respectful manner.

Your address is only needed on your first entry to the series this year.

Emergency contact number is needed for all competitors.

NB. Riders must not enter the main circuit or pit lane until the Youth racing has finished on that area. Please use the perimeter road for your warm up.

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